Get Crazy Good at Interviews

Hey, this is Troy Moore from, and today’s article is from Robert Plank. It’s about how to get crazy good at interviews. Interviews, or not being able to do interviews, was a bottleneck for me for years and years. I always told myself that I would conquer that skill eventually or that I would

refuelr review

Refuelr Review

  Click Here to See The Sales Page Welcome to my Refuelr review. Refuelr is by Trevor Carr and Winston Bromley Trevor carr Internet & Affiliate Marketer, online since the 90’s, based in the UK. Winston Bromley Marketing expert and copywriter extraordinaire, based in Canada. Thier product is called refuelr. Refuelr is a 17 minute

Overnight Blogging

Troy Moore from Today’s talk is  about overnight blogging. The idea is that you spend an evening filling up your blog for an entire year, or if you want to be really thorough, maybe spend a weekend on and off just writing a few quick blog posts, and then schedule them far enough in

Commitment and Consistency Principle

  Hello, Troy Moore her from  Today we’re going to discuss a leverage principle that you can use in marketing called commitment and consistency, the Cialdini principle from Dr. Cialdini when he wrote the book The Psychology and Influence of Persuasion.   It’s a doozy.  This is a really cool one that a lot of

Simple Copywriting

Hey, Troy Moore from Today’s post will give you a few simple copywriting solutions. So the idea here is that you have a sales letter set up. Maybe you wrote it; maybe somebody else wrote it. But you want to make a little few adjustments to make it convert better. You want to get

Red Herring

Troy Moore – Hello, Troy Moore here from, and today I’m going to share with you the red herring technique. This is a way to help increase your conversions for your main offer by making the price seem insignificant by a relative comparison. This is a really cool technique. It’s an advanced persuasion

Overcoming Skepticism

Hello, Troy Moore here, and today’s post is on overcoming skepticism. This is so important. And why should you learn on how to overcome skepticism? It’s very simple. The 3 Things Needed People need three things in order before they will buy from you. The first thing is they have to want what you offer.